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Weekly Pick-up and Delivery Options

Bread can be purchased at Fine Acres Co-op in St. Croix Falls, Natural Alternative Co-op in Luck, WI, the Watershed Cafe in Osceola, WI, and Turnip Rock Farm Store in Amery, WI. 
Pick-up pre-orders in Osceola weekly on Wednesdays. 
Place orders by Sunday at 5pm.
Please select pick-up location during check out. 

A Note from Your Baker...


Whole Grains & Sourdough

Not all flour has to be the same, and it's certainly not all created equal. Bread can be nutritious and flavorful - but like everything, it depends on what we put into it. By exploring different types of grains, we can promote biodiversity, try new flavors and textures, and support local farmers. 


Many people find whole grains easier to digest, and combined with the process of slow-fermentation (sourdough), some are bringing bread back into their lives. The slow fermentation process in sourdough breaks down the phytates in bread for us, so we don't have to. Ruminants (cows!) can easily digest phytates, but humans-not so much. 


Freshly-milled flours allow us to access all the nutritious fats and proteins that our bodies need to digest bread, and the butter you are hopefully smearing on top of it. 

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