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Hello there!

Sister Crave began in 2020, initially offering friends and family some respite through really good bread.  As aspirations and demand grew, so did the dough tubs and the flour orders.

I've been working in food most of my life in some shape or form, and working professionally in kitchens in Minneapolis for the past five years. Bread has always been central in my journey, and now is at the forefront.  


My food journey brought me to Osceola, WI, where I bake and farm organic vegetables all in one place. 

The Bread 

All of the bread is made with a slow-fermentation process, all born from a beloved sourdough starter named Sweets. 

I believe strongly in the positive impact that locally-sourced and whole grain flours or grains can have on our gut, our environment, and our local economy.  The majority of the flour I use is from Meadowlark Community Mill, in southern Wisconsin. Each bag comes milled fresh that-week and with the farmer's name on it.  It is certified organic, stone-milled and very flavorful.  

Sister Crave bakery is run out of a commercial kitchen on an organic vegetable farm, and whenever possible, ingredients can come from right here!  

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